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All Systems Electric uses Firelite addressable and non addressable commercial fire alarm systems for our new installations because they are reliable, easy to use and their equipment can be purchased at most local fire alarm suppliers.

Initiating devices such as smoke detectors, heat detectors and CO detectors are used to trigger the fire alarm system when fires or CO gasses are detected before the people in the building notice or when the building is unoccupied.

Notification appliances like horns, strobes and speakers are located throughout the building to notify the people in the building that the fire alarm system has been triggered.

Manual pull stations should be located by your main entrances and are used to trigger the fire alarm system when a fire is detected by someone in the building before the other fire alarm initiating devices have had a chance to trigger the fire alarm.

commercial FIRE alarm SYSTEMS installed and monitored in connecticut

All Systems Electric LLC can install, service and monitor commercial fire alarm systems for your business. Having proper fire alarm coverage for your place of business is essential for protecting your clients, employees and property so make sure you are covered and have All Systems Electric come give you an evaluation of your existing commercial fire alarm systems. We can also come give you a price to install  brand new commercial fire alarm systems or replace your existing system. We are well equipped and have years of experience working on commercial fire alarm systems and will also perform annual fire alarm inspections if required by your Fire Marshall. 

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