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High-Quality Commercial Electrical Services For Your Business

All Systems Electric LLC is a reputable name to trust when it comes to commercial electrical services in the Rocky Hill area. We're literally your one-stop shop for all things related to the services you'll need for your commercial business.

We make it a point to offer a wide variety of important services so that you only need one electrician in Rocky Hill, CT. Don't accept inferior workmanship or pay too much for service when we'll deliver topnotch results for a more than reasonable price; it's about good value.

office remodel

Office Remodel

From electrical panel upgrades to lighting to making your office building more energy-efficient, the work we do for your office remodel will make a huge difference. Safety first, and you can rest assured we'll make that our primary focus.

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retail stores

Retail Stores

Having the right electrical expert to help with your retail store is vital. You can't sell product if you don't have proper lighting or dependable registers, just to name a few important aspects.

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commercial kitchen equipment

Commercial Kitchen Equipment

Commercial electrical services are what keep a commercial kitchen up and running. If you end up with any faulty work, it means lost time and revenue each time a vital component of this space stops working properly.

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parking lot lighting

Parking Lot Lighting

Efficient and effective parking lot lighting makes good business sense. A well-lit parking area will keep your customers and employees safe from tripping in the dark and causing injury. Effective lighting could even prevent anyone from being a victim of criminal activity.

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lighted sign wiring

Lighted Sign Wiring

We take care of a wide assortment of electrical services you may need for your business so that you don't have to hire multiple contractors to handle your commercial needs. So, the same team that installs your hardwired fire alarm can also take care of your lighted sign wiring.

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We can also expertly handle any work you need for your commercial transformer. We offer free estimates and consultations because we want you to feel confident about the work we'll do for you.

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electric motors

Electric Motors

We take care of just about any type of work you could require for your commercial venture, including electric motors. In fact, when it comes to any and all of your commercial electrical services in Rocky Hill, contact our pros for superior results.

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