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High-Quality Services For Your Home And Business

All Systems Electric LLC is the company to contact for all of the electrical services you may need for your Rocky Hill home or business. We offer a variety of essential services to our local area residential and commercial customers, in order to make sure you get safe, effective, and efficient care.

Electrical services flat


Finding a reliable electrician in Rocky Hill to work with for all of your electrical needs is a smart move to make. There are a number of reasons why you may need to hire a professional electrician for your home or business, so find a reputable expert to partner with, each and every time.

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Generators flat


Generators are important for keeping the electrical system in your home or business running. Be prepared for anything but have a generator to take care of everything.

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Fire alarm flat

Fire Alarm

One of the most important electrical services we take care of would be the fire alarm. Help protect your house or business from the dangers of fire with a detection and alarm system.

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Security systems flat

Security Systems

It's also important to protect your property by having a security system in place. We offer this as part of our electrical services and this will give you the peace of mind you deserve.

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Information technology flat

Information Technology

Let our team take care of installation, maintenance, and repairs for your data network or phone system. We have years of experience in data and telephone cabling and troubleshooting making us well-equipped to keep your information technology system running smoothly.

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Automation flat


Home automation systems aren't the wave of the future; they're here now! This is the new norm

In running the household and makes things easier, more comfortable, and more energy-efficient.

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Roof de icing flat

Roof De-Icing

Take good care of your roof with a warm-up system. Roof de-icing will help prevent problems like ice dams and give you a better chance of avoiding winter damage.

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Lightning protection flat

Lightning Protection

Who doesn't want to keep their home or business protected from the unpredictable and devastation of storm damage, namely lightning? This is the type of important electrical services we offer our Rocky Hill customers, so contact us now to get your protection.

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