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High-Quality Generators For Your Home And Business

At All Systems Electric LLC, we're about more than just generic generators for Rocky Hill customers. We specialize in providing superior results by being a Generac Pro Elite Dealer and Kohler generators but also offer any and all services you may need for any type of generator you may have.

portable generators

Portable Generators

Portable generators are the most common types of backup generators we install in Rocky Hill area homes. This style of generator is the combination of an electrical generator and an engine driven system in one piece of equipment.

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home standby generators

Home Standby Generators

There are many steps in installing standby generators, more than most people realize but we help get rid of the headaches for our Rocky Hill customers. We offer generator sales with free delivery, installation of all electrical wiring, concrete pad installation and we will even coordinate the gas installation, when applicable.

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commercial generators

Commercial Generators

We're the professional electricians you can rely on to provide you with superior results from a dependable, high-quality commercial generator. Keep your business up and running even when the power isn't.

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generator repair

Generator Repair

There are many reasons you may end up needing generator repair, and taking care of services like lightning protection (orange) for your home can prevent certain damages. The last thing you need is a generator in a state of disrepair so that it can't provide power, when you need it most.

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generator maintenance

Generator Routine Maintenance

Arranging to have generator routine maintenance will help ensure that you don't end up needing serious, unexpected emergency repairs. Ensure the peak performance of your generator with ongoing service.

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transfer switches

Transfer Switches

This is a type of electrical switch that switches the load between two sources, some are automatic and some are manual. It's installed where there's a backup generator to help ensure that the system works.

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generac generators

Generac Generators

Generac generators are the ideal choice for Rocky Hill homes. They're high-quality and provide consumers with longevity and optimal performance.

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kohler generators

Kohler Generators

Another topnotch brand of generators we work with is Kohler. When it comes to generators in the Rocky Hill area, give our team of experts a call.

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